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You're So Baby - An LA Store

Officially, You're So Baby calls themselves a "lifestyle concept store." But the moment you enter, you're well aware what they're selling: sex and femininity- which is more than OK with us at Vue Venus. While they offer fashion-forward clothing, art, accessories, and home furnishings, their style is specifically based upon "freedom and celebration, valuing beauty and taking time for the little things," according to their website. Can't argue with that concept.

The owner of this "apartment" store in the now trendy Echo Park area of Los Angeles is interior designer Tatu Kendrick. Her designs are modern, chic, bold and playful. Opening a store with the same flare seems like a natural progression.

My first experience with You're So Baby was a night they exhibited a new lingerie line. Beautiful models and hip clientele crowded the intimate space to shmooze and shop. Whatever you think a pop-up "LA event" should contain or look like, this one fits the stereotype, but for all the right reasons. I mingled, I engaged and soaked in the titillating scene for what it was- a beautiful night of feminine allure.



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