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Roxy Straight Up

No ice required for Roxanna Dunlop, a gorgeous model, who appears as cool as she is stunning. However, simply calling Roxy a "model" doesn't do this one-time Playmate justice. She's a writer, an artist, an actress, a thinker, a muse...and as her Instagram profile correctly states...she's also a "person." Not necessarily wrong to remind us because she seems so out of this world.

Roxy is a 5-tool talent- sexy, sassy, smart, passionate and very playful.

Her posts run the gamut from beautiful portraits to amusing videos to inspirational quotes and drawings. Spend 30 seconds with her and you'll see why she's easy on the eyes and hard on the heart. I met her briefly once at a fashion event, and while she appeared a bit more fragile in person than many of her photos lead you to believe, she packs a powerful spirit and energy. Her deep blue eyes quickly intoxicate anyone who gazes upon them.

If there's a modern Vue Venus wall of fame,

Roxanna Dunlop is the ideal poster woman for it.

And oh by the way, she's also a big Bruce Springsteen fan- What more do you want?

Click here for official website for Roxanna Dunlop .


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