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The "Art" of Playboy

If there's one historical "institution" that made its name by celebrating the female form it's Playboy. Never before had a mainstream publication and company so boldly showcased women's bodies. Of course, the iconic brand broke new ground in other areas as well- free speech, equality and civil rights were all subjects that Playboy explored and exposed.

After attending the annual Midsummer Night's Dream Party at the Mansion, I've been reflecting on just how much Playboy means to American culture and the sexual revolution. When I think of Playboy today, I think about the magnificent art Hefner carefully manifested for more than 50 years. Hefner always saw his product as something far greater than himself- and worthy of the attention it went on to receive. With this thought in mind- here's a collection of some real Playboy inspired art from over the years. You might it even call it fine.


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