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A Red Headed Woman

Red heads are as rare as the moon's eclipse and not for everyone's eyes to gaze upon.

With that said, the rarest of red heads, who universally strike our hearts and explode our imaginations, is something to behold.

Instagram is a treasure chest of the world's most beautiful women- which is exactly where I came upon one particularly, sensually stunning natural red head, @jessamynerose

Jessamyne describes herself as a "Bohemian, free spirit, all enchanted Venus." After quickly, scrolling through her account, it's clear she's incredibly self-aware. She's the kind of woman you want to know more about...

A woman you want to create magic with......

A woman whose graceful movements you meticulously want to capture...

A woman you want to draw....

A woman who ignites your fire without warning.

Vue Venus was created to find inspiration from the woman we celebrate. Jessamyne inspires us to look, to love and to embrace red-headed woman everywhere. Just ask Bruce Springsteen, he not only married one- he wrote a song about them.


#RedHead #Woman #Model #Photography #Sensual #Naturalbeauty #art #Instagram

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